7:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST Friday, January 15

Outcomes and Access to Neuromodulation for Women and Underrepresented Minorities: A Call to Action

Throughout neuromodulation, neurosurgical, and chronic pain literature, it has been demonstrated that access to, and outcomes after, neuromodulation-based procedures are significantly different for women and minorities. Factors contributing to these phenomena may implicit bias, cultural differences, and lack of representation of women and minorities in neuromodulation related specialties, medical societies, and academic leadership. This session will summarize the disparities in neuromodulation access and outcomes for women and minority groups. It will examine the current state of women and underrepresented minorities in neuromodulation and neuromodulation related fields, including medical societies. Importantly, it will describe potential solutions to improve access and outcomes.

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM CST Saturday, January 16

Keeping Up With the Dynamic Field of Neuromodulation: Mentoring, Educational and Teaching Techniques of the Future

Recent and ongoing developments and advances in the field of neuromodulation have been creating an active learning environment where information needs to be disseminated effectively and efficiently from the scientific discovery to clinical implementation. This session will emphasize the ever dynamic and evolving field of neuromodulation and how best to implement, teach, mentor, and guide practitioners, so practicing providers will be best equipped to improve outcomes for their patients.

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