Pain - Optimizing Neuromodulation Therapies

On Demand Session On Demand Session

There are patient factors that affect the efficacy of neuromodulatory therapies. This session will discuss optimizing these factors.

Learning Objectives

  • Review strategies to optimize obese patients before neuromodulatory therapies.
  • Describe strategies to optimize the immunocompromised patient prior to neuromodulatory therapies.
  • Discuss strategies to optimize the tobacco patient before neuromodulatory therapies.


Managing Obesity Prior to Neuromodulatory Therapies

Jessica Jameson, MD

Optimizing the Immunocompromised Patient Prior to Neuromodulatory Therapies

Susan M Moeschler, MD

Optimizing the Tobacco Patient Prior to Neuromodulatory Therapies

Nebojsa Nick Knezevic, MD PhD