Pain - Neuromodulation Waveforms

On Demand Session On Demand Session

There is a body of evidence to suggest efficacy, if not superiority, for a variety of new waveforms. This session will evaluate the cross over evidence for new waveforms in specific subsets of patients. We will discuss the overall strategy for stimulation trials as well as permanent implants to employ electrode placement and pulse generators, as a means of increasing therapeutic options.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the efficacy data of various waveforms evaluated in cross over studies.
  • Assess studies where patients had the option of switching to another waveform to salvage overall neuromodulatory therapy.


Evidence & Clinical Indications for Burst Waveforms and High-Frequency Neurostimulation

Kiran V Patel, MD

Evidence & Clinical Indications for DRG as a Salvage Therapy

Kenneth D Candido, MD