Pain - Opioids and Neuromodulation

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Many patients that are considered for a trial of a neuromodulation therapy are on chronic opioids. There is evidence to suggest that opioid therapy impacts not only the outcome of the neuromodulation trial but also the long-term success of therapy. This session will discuss the evidence and impact of opioids and neuropathic medications on the efficacy of neuromodulatory therapies.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the effect of titrating opioid medication prior to neuromodulatory therapies with regard to the efficacy.
  • Explain the different ways to titrate opioids prior to neuromodulation therapies.
  • Analyze the evidence of opioid reduction as a result of different neuromodulatory therapies.


Opioid Titration Prior to Neuromodulation

Jessica Jameson, MD

Opioid Reduction as Result of Neuromodulation

Maunak V Rana, MD