Keeping Up With the Dynamic Field of Neuromodulation: Mentoring, Educational and Teaching Techniques of the Future

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM CST Saturday, January 16

Recent and ongoing developments and advances in the field of neuromodulation have been creating an active learning environment where information needs to be disseminated effectively and efficiently from the scientific discovery to clinical implementation. This session will emphasize the ever dynamic and evolving field of neuromodulation and how best to implement, teach, mentor, and guide practitioners, so practicing providers will be best equipped to improve outcomes for their patients.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss techniques to effectively teach hands-on neuromodulation, especially by using virtual reality, immersive touch, and other simulation techniques.
  • Examine complications of neuromodulation and effective ways to teach those in an interactive way.
  • Analyze the role of social media in disseminating advancements of science in neuromodulation.
  • Discover alternative ways to become proficient in the science and technological advancements of the neuromodulation.


Magdalena M. Anitescu, MD PhD

Future of Hands-On Instructions in Neuromodulation Techniques: The Role of Virtual Reality and Immersive Touch for the General Practitioner

Maged Guirguis, MD

Simulation Scenarios in Neuromodulation: Learning the Basics, Advancing to Expertise

Dalia H. Elmofty, MD

Problem-Based Learning: Acquire Knowledge to Effectively Trouble Shoot and Treat Complications in Neuromodulation

Magdalena M. Anitescu, MD PhD

Share Your Cases and Your Science: The Effects of Social Media in Disseminating Science Advancements and New Educational Information

Jacqueline S. Weisbein, DO

Faculty and Presentations subject to change.