Oral Abstracts - Engineering

1:10 PM - 2:10 PM CST Saturday, January 16

The highest-ranked abstracts on Engineering (Neural Prosthetic and New Technology, Big Data/Machine Learning, and Neurobiology of Neuromodulation) have been selected to present during this concurrent session.


Marom Bikson, PhD

Microfabricated Polyimide-Based Neural Interfaces with Improved Reliability (Abstract 15376)

Jack W. Judy, PhD

Motor Neuroprosthesis Implanted using Cerebral Venography Improves Activities of Daily Living in Severe Paralysis (Abstract 15026)

Thomas Oxley, MD PhD

Chronic Pain Patients During COVID-19: Multidimensional data-driven analyses reveal attributes of pandemic susceptibility and resilience (Abstract 15090)

Richard L. Rauck, MD

Implications of Pt-Ir Electrode Surface Modifications on the Total Electrical Energy Delivered through Neurostimulator Systems (Abstract 15442)

Matt D. Johnson, PhD

Influence of Physiological and Technical Factors on the Neural Response to Spinal Cord Stimulation (Abstract 15548)

Evan Rogers, BS

Progress on Developing an All-Silicon Carbide Neural Interface as a MRI Compatible Implantable Technology (Abstract 15275)

Stephen E. Saddow, PhD

Cell-type Specific Modulation of Neuronal Firing with Transcranial Ultrasonic Stimulation (Abstract 15471)

Jacek Dmochowski, PhD