Andrew Ko, MDAssistant Professor

Dr. Ko is a UW Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center. He joined the UW faculty after completing a fellowship in Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery at the Oregon Health & Sciences University. He completed his neurosurgery residency at the UW, and earned his medical degree from the University of Illinois. He specializes in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and other surgical treatments for Movement Disorders, Epilepsy, and Pain. His research interests include cortical electrophysiology and Brain-Computer interfaces; the development of patient-responsive DBS; and the use of novel imaging techniques to improve targeting accuracy and develop new targets for DBS.

University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Neuromodulation Outcome (Spine/PNS/Brain): My worst Complication