Scott Faro, MD Professor and Director of Functional Neuroradiology

Dr. Faro has been an academic neuroradiologist for the past 25 years. He is most recently from Johns Hopkins University where he was a professor of radiology in the division of neuroradiology. At Johns Hopkins, he was a mentor to younger faculty and was focused on the clinical translation of functional neuroimaging techniques as a tool for characterizing brain and spine pathology. Prior to that, Dr. Faro was a professor of radiology, biomedical, electrical, and computer science engineering at both Drexel and Temple University. Dr. Faro began his academic career at Drexel University where he was director of radiology of the Medical College of Pennsylvania and the MR physics laboratory. He then joined the faculty at Temple University where he was vice chair of radiology research, director of neuroradiology, and director and founder of the MR Physics laboratory and MR Core. The Temple University MRI Core facilitated more than 10 RO1 awards.

Dr. Faro’s primary research focus is in the clinical translational of MR neuroimaging of BOLD and DTI. His research laboratories have trained medical students, residents, and fellows in these MR techniques and trained MS and PhD students from biomedical, electrical, and computer science engineering to become MR physicists. Dr. Faro has an international reputation as an expert neuroradiologist and pioneer in clinical functional neuroradiology. He was a founder and past president of the American Society of Functional Neuroradiology (ASFNR). Dr. Faro maintains an active role in both the ASFNR and the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR). He was chair of the ASFNR CPT committee that was instrumental in proposing and directing a 3 year long CPT approval process for 3 new national CPT codes which allow all U.S. centers perform and get reimbursed for clinical fMRI. For these societies, he developed and continues to run a yearly, highly regarded, clinical workshop on the acquisition, data processing and interpretation of clinical BOLD fMRI. This workshop draws MDs and PhDs from all over the world. He is on the editorial board and a reviewer for many prestigious scientific journals. Dr. Faro has been a PI or co-investigator in 18 research grants and has produced 350 peer-reviewed articles, abstracts and book chapters. He has 4 textbooks including a comprehensive text entitled, “Functional Neuroradiology: Principles and clinical applications” that is considered a gold std. text in this field by the American Journal of Neuroradiology and will soon be in its second edition.Dr. Faro is currently professor of radiology and director of functional neuroradiology at Thomas Jefferson University.

Thomas Jefferson University, Sidney Kimmel Medical
Collingswood, NJ

Structural-Functional Brain Mapping Workshop