Christine Ann Denny, PhD Honored Guest Lecturer

Christine Ann Denny, PhD, is an associate professor of clinical neurobiology in psychiatry at Columbia University and a research scientist V in the Division of Systems Neuroscience at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. She received a BS from Boston College in 2005, an MS from Boston College in 2006, and her PhD in biological sciences from Columbia University in 2012, where she investigated the impact of adult hippocampal neurogenesis on behavior in the laboratory of Dr. René Hen. After receiving the NIH DP5 Early Independence Award, she started her own laboratory in 2013 at Columbia University. Dr. Denny studies the neural basis of learning and memory in disease states, such as in depression and Alzheimer's disease (AD). Specifically, she created an activity-dependent tagging murine line, the ArcCreERT2 mice, which allows for the permanent labeling of individual memories. In addition, Dr. Denny's laboratory is developing small molecule compounds to protect against stress.