Corey W. Hunter, MD FIPP Executive Director

Corey W. Hunter, MD, is an interventional pain management physician practicing in New York City, holding board certifications in physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as pain medicine. Dr. Hunter is the executive director of the Ainsworth Institute of Pain Management in New York City and also holds an appointment as assistant clinical professor in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Icahn School of Medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Hunter continues to be active in clinical research, serving as the principle investigator on a number of clinical trials on emerging neuromodulation technologies and regenerative medicine. Dr. Hunter also has keen interest in teaching and writing; he is well-published with his work appearing in a number peer-reviewed journals and textbooks on a wide variety of topics that includes DRG Stimulation, pelvic pain, regenerative medicine, amputee pain, advanced spinal cord stimulation techniques, and targeted drug delivery to name a few.

Ainsworth Institute of Pain Management
New York, NY

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