Arthur Cukiert, MD PhD Neurosurgeon

Arthur Cukiert was born in Santo Andre, Brazil in July 23rd, 1963. He graduated at Sao Paulo University in 1986 and finished his neurosurgical training at the Hospital das Clinicas of Sao Paulo University in 1991. He spent a year at the Montreal Neurologic Institute as a Clinical & Research Fellow. Back in Brazil, he worked at Sao Paulo Hospital das Clinicas, developed the Hospital Brigadeiro neurosurgical service and was a medical assistant at the ABC Faculty of Medicine in Sao Paulo. He received a PhD degree in Neurophysiology in 1996 from the Biological Sciences Institute of the Sao Paulo University. He is presently the Director of the Sao Paulo Epilepsy Clinic, and Head of its Epilepsy Surgery Program. He is part of the ILAE Pediatric Surgery Task Force and had organized several Epilepsy Surgery Techniques Meetings over the years. He was President of the Brazilian Functional Neurosurgery Society and of the Brazilian Congress of Update in Neurosurgery. He presented more than 400 lectures worldwide, attended to 350 meetings, presented 800 abstracts and published 150 peer reviewed papers and 8 books. His activities center on the surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy and pituitary tumors.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Biomarkers for Neuromodulation in Epilepsy