Niranjan Khadka, PhD Senior Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Niranjan Khadka is currently an employee of Synchron Inc. He is a result-oriented Biomedical Engineer with strong R&D skills, including computational modeling, in vitro device characterization, and translational medical devices development in SCS, DBS, and tES space for neuromodulation. During his Post-doc at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Khadka investigated heating-based mechanism of action of high-density SCS, multifocal transcranial electrical stimulations modality, and neurovascular-modulation. Dr. Khadka has 10+ years of experience in neuromodulation with proven track record of publications. Currently, Dr. Khadka is continuing his research in establishing novel mechanism of SCS and validating principles of neurovascular-modulation.

Synchron Inc
Brooklyn, NY

Novel Indications of Non-Invasive Neurostimulation Technologies