Patrick D. Ganzer, PhD Assistant Professor

Patrick D. Ganzer, PhD is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami (jointly appointed at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and the Department of Biomedical Engineering). He received his undergraduate degree in 2008 from King’s College in Neuroscience. In 2013, he received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Science from Drexel University, conducting research in preclinical models of spinal cord injury. Dr. Ganzer then completed his postdoctoral fellowship in 2017 at the University of Texas at Dallas and the Texas Biomedical Device Center (research focused on enhancing neuroplasticity after sensorimotor injury using targeted vagus nerve stimulation). Dr. Ganzer also has significant experience researching and developing neurotechnology in industry, working at Battelle Memorial Institute from 2017-2021 in the Medical Devices and Neuromodulation division. At Battelle, Dr. Ganzer was PI for both the internally funded Bioelectronic Medicine program and the N3 program funded by DARPA. Dr. Ganzer’s neurotechnology teams have translated their work to multiple clinical trials, published in several high impact journals (e.g., Cell, Nature Communications, and Science Advances), and have received multiple awards for their impact on the field of translational neurotechnology.

University of Miami
Miami, FL

Plenary Session IV: Optimizing Neuromodulation to Improve Patient Outcomes