NANS i3: Ecosystem of Neuromodulation Featured

8:15 AM - 4:00 PM Thursday, January 13

This year 's NANS Invention, Investment, and Invigoration (I3 ) Forum is designed to provide an interactive platform for review and discussion of emerging information technology topics in health care, peripheral nerve stimulation technologies, and a discussion on accelerating innovation. This year’s Forum will focus on the “Ecosystem of Neuromodulation.” The forum includes clinicians, scientists, engineers, industry, and investors, among others. This activity is not eligible for CME credits and separate registration is required.


  • Digital Health
  • Imagine a World: Exploring How Implant Ecosystems Will Change Patients’ Lives (featuring Cambridge Consultants)

Lunchtime Breakouts:

  • External Closed-Loop Neuromodulation
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation – Study Design and Collecting Real World Evidence


  • Brain Machine Interface (featuring Neuropace, Paradromics, Precision Neuroscience, & Synchron)
  • Let’s Hear from the Strategics (featuring Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Nevro & Abbot)

Peter Konrad

Tim Ensor

Pierre D’Haese

Yelena Yesha

Mark Wolff

Nandan Lad

Danica Marina-Dabic

Andrea Cotton

John Genova

Simon Karger

Mijail Gerruya

Victor Finomore

Naveed Ejaz

Kannape Oliver Alan

Balint Varkuti

James Cavuoto

Tim Marjenin

Ben Rapoport

Doug Weber

Martha Morrell

Matt Angle

Tom Oxley

Rafael Carbunaru

Abhi Kulkarani

Jon Parker

Ryan Lakin

Course Directors:

Ashwini Sharan, MD

Pierre D'haese, PhD

Benjamin Rapoport, MD PhD

Peter Konrad, MD PhD

Nandan Lad, MD PhD

James Cavuoto,