8:30 am–4 pm Thursday, January 11

Advanced Practice Provider Course (PAs, NPs, Nurses): A to Z in Neuromodulation

This course will provide advanced practice providers (APPs) an overview of topics in neuromodulation through lectures, case studies, panel discussions, and a Jeopardy board review. The material will be presented by physician and APP faculty and will be relevant for anyone with an interest in neuromodulation or working in a pain management, neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedic, or physical medicine and rehabilitation practice.

8 am–4:30 pm Thursday, January 11

I Just Inherited 100 Pumps Patients: What Do I Do Now? A Case-Based Approach

Intrathecal drug delivery is a well-established intervention for chronic pain and severe spasticity with more than 3 decades of clinic use. However, this therapy can present significant challenges to the clinicians who are responsible for management of these systems. The purpose of this course is to review the principles of intrathecal therapy management for the less experienced clinicians. Strategies to improve patient selection and evaluation, implantation, post-implantation management, troubleshooting, and therapy optimization will be discussed.

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Faculty subject to change.