Darko Chudy, MDProfessor

Darko Chudy is Head of Department of Neurosurgery University Hospital Dubrava, Associated Professor School of Medicine University of Zagreb. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia on February 8, 1962.  In 1988 he completed education at Medical School University of Zagreb and received M.D. degree. Finished his residency in neurosurgery in Clinical Hospital Zagreb in 1997. He received Ph.D. degree in 2000. He studied stereotactic neurosurgery in: Cologne University Clinical Hospital supervisor prof. Volker Sturm; Sophiahemmet Hospital Stockholm supervisor prof. Lauri Laitinen; Umeo Northland Clinic supervisor prof. Marwan Hariz; Ibin Sena University Hospital supervisor Yucel Kampolat and La Timone Hospital Marseille supervisor prof. Jean Regis. His main interest is stereotactic and functional neurosurgery for movement disorders, pain and epilepsy and special scientific and clinical interest has in disorders of consciousness. He has published more than 20 scientific papers and he is an author of several chapters in neurosurgical books. Darko Chudy is an Assistant Professor at University of Zagreb, Croatia and he is an Associated Affiliated Professor at Medical School Washington University Seattle, USA since 2010. He is an associate on technological project: “Robotic in neurosurgery RONNA”.

School of Medicine University of Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia

Plenary Session II - Targeted by Neuromodulation the Sequelae of Brain Injury