Dawn A. Sparks, DO Physician

Dr. Dawn Sparks currently owns, operates, and runs her private practice called Lighthouse Healing located on the beautiful island of Kaua'i. She serves on the Special Planning Committee for NANS and is honored to have been on this committee for over three years. Dr. Sparks has also published numerous chapters and journal articles. She has reviewed for journals and had articles in the NANS newsletter. Dr. Sparks is pleased to be helping with progression in our field. She recently has attended over seven leadership training programs in furtherance of her expertise. Dr. Sparks is a proud member of the Hawaii Pain Society located in Honolulu. She has been asked to speak in three additional countries as well as the U.S. this year. Dr. Sparks trained at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic with multiple pioneers in pain management. She continues to publish on important topics in the field of pain medicine. Her book chapters are included in Clinical Pain Management, Abdominal Pain, and Spinal Injections and Peripheral Nerve Blocks to name a few. Dr. Sparks has lectured at many conferences across the country as well as having poster presentations internationally.  Historically, Dr. Sparks graduated with honors from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in 1999. Early in her college career, she did research with a pediatric oncologist and saw the need for effective pain control. Dr. Sparks was perplexed by the ordeals patients faced and hoped to ease the many difficulties patients experience when in unrelenting pain. This early interest in pain medicine led her to Ohio University for medical school, followed by postgraduate training in Anesthesiology and Pain Management at the Cleveland Clinic, which she completed in 2009. After three years as an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Dr. Sparks then ventured into private practice. Dr. Sparks is pleased to be a part of various groups promoting the advancement of interventional pain. She is also an active member of Women In Neuromodulation. Dr. Sparks would like to thank everyone who has helped contribute to her growth and success as an aspiring female physician neuromodulator. She is grateful for your guidance and support along the way and looks forward to seeing you soon. Dr. Sparks hopes that she can help other physicians to incorporate neuromodulation as more of a mainstream approach into their practices.  Dr. Sparks is thrilled to be here in Las Vegas for NANS again and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about pain management.

Lighthouse Healing
Hanapepe, HI

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