Abhishek Datta, PhD Scientist and CTO

Dr. Datta is Scientist / CTO at Soterix Medical,Inc (SMI) and Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the City University of New York. He specializes in multiple aspects of medical technology translation from design, research and development of new medical devices, to regulatory clearance. His work in the area of neural engineering focuses on non-invasive electrical stimulation with expertise in computational modeling and validation. He co-invented a targeted and non-invasive electrical stimulation approach called HD-tDCS. At Soterix Medical, he led the full development and transition of HD-tDCS technology (hardware, software, accessories) and the home-tDCS platform into the investigational (research) and clinical market.

Soterix Medical, Inc
New York, NY

Continuum of Care from Wearables to Non-Invasive Neuromodulation