Thomas L. Abell, MD The Arthur M. Schoen MD Chair in Gastroenterology

Thomas L. Abell, a Gastroenterologist who has specialized in GI motility disorders, has been in the American Mid South for 30 years and now is the Arthur M Schoen MD, Chair in Gastroenterology at the University of Louisville. He is interested in all aspects of gastrointestinal motility but especially the treatment of nausea and vomiting with low energy and high frequency electrical stimulation, which his team in Memphis pioneered. Dr. Abell has developed the endoscopic implantation of GI neuromodulation devices and applied electrical mapping to the GI tract. His current work is funded primarily by the NIH Gastroparesis Clinical Research Consortium and NIH Dia Comp studies as well as ongoing work with industry. Dr. Abell is particularly interested in the pathophysiology of the gastroparesis syndromes as well as predictors of response to electrical stimulation, whether low or high-energy devices, and their mechanisms of action throughout the body.

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